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The true story of a boy and the rediscovery of an
extinct bird after 325 years of oblivion.

“A pure feel good movie, it made me feel alive; it made me want to fly.”
Emmanuel Itier, Jury (Bermuda International Film Festival 2006)

“Spirited and entertaining”
Scott Huvery, Hollywood.com in the New York Post

“The film grabbed me, it was very unpredictable. The winning documentary films are
highly accomplished pieces of work.”
Roger Durling, director of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Jury ( Bermuda International Film Festival 2006.)

“Rare bird is a rare gem, wow fantastic, when does the DVD come out?”
Jessie Moniz, reviewed in, The Royal Gazette

“A complex film of rare quality.”
Andrew Raine, The Royal Gazette










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